Case Studies

Here I will provide examples of the products I have worked on outlining the product requirements, challenges faced and solutions found to realise the finished product.

Case Study One

TRi Series Saltwater Chlorinator

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Client Product Brief

Design a plastic housing for outdoor use to replace the existing sheetmetal control box. It must be waterproof and able to withstand temperatures ranging from the extreme summer heat, to freezing winters. It must be easy to assemble on the production line and easy to install, operate and maintain in the field.


Project Details

This product has been Zodiac's flagship chlorinator for almost 10 years.

Bottom section of control box upgradeable to include an acid pump to regulate pH levels.

Single piece Cell Housing simplified assembly line and reduced cost.

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The TRi system is Zodiac's premium salt water chlorinator designed for the international market. The controlller's single body architecture offers three product options acheived by changing the lower components making it upgradable and versatile to meet each users needs. One of the greatest design challenges we had to overcome was to ensure we provide sufficient cooling to the electronics whilst keeping the bugs and insects out that often cause short circuits. It’s lighter coloured cover sits off the units main body creating an air gap to keep it cooler in the sun.